Optional Awards & Opportunities

This year there are several optional special awards & opportunities:
• The Autodesk Fusion Award
• Hackaday Prize award
• The People’s Choice Award
• Digi-Key Discounts

The Autodesk Fusion Award
Autodesk gives you an open canvas to prove you’ve got what it takes to win the Autodesk Fusion Award.

Finalist teams the make the best use of Autodesk Fusion in their project will have a chance to have the Autodesk community vote on their work for this $2,000 prize! Plus one semi-finalist team will receive recognition for its work so far in the competition from Autodesk experts and be declared the Autodesk Fusion Experts’ Choice.

The 2019 Hackaday Prize “Best of the Cornell Cup Achievement”
All projects / teams who submit a complete application to the Cup this year regardless if they are selected as a semi-finalist, are also eligible to submit to the Hackaday Prize competition in March/April 2019. They have a chance to win special recognition for projects that have their roots in the Cornell Cup.

So even if you couldn’t show us what you could do at the Cornell Cup finals, you can keep working on your project and wow us all in the 2019 Hackaday Prize.

Since 2014 the Hackaday Prize has awarded over $1M across hundreds of entrants, plus winners of this Cup Achievement also earn a special optional interview for an internship at the SupplyFrame DesignLab!

The People’s Choice Award
During the final event expo at NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center all finalist teams will be voted on by the public and fellow Cup finalists. The team with the most votes wins the honor of the People’s Choice Award.

Digi-key Discounts
Coming soon!