Top 10 Reasons to Enter the Cornell Cup-Arm Enabled

David Schneider blog post, October 11, 2018
David Schneider, Director of M.Eng. Studies, Systems Engineering, Cornell University

The Cornell Cup-Arm Enabled is back, and this year Arm is co-founding. If you are an engineering student in the U.S. or Canada, there are 10 reasons why you should enter the Cup competition.

10. Easy to develop an entry project: Use your current course project, senior design project, independent inventing, etc. as the basis of your entry. Plus, Arm’s vast technology platform and partner ecosystem offers a huge array of eligible hardware options for you & your projects!

9. You can earn special job and internship interviews with our sponsors just for applying: The application is your chance to enhance your skills and to prove to top employers that you are the diamond in the rough they want in their company. Using Arm technology helps this, since it used by over 70% of the world’s technology.

8. Blind reviewed applications, which means that everyone has his/her chance to prove themselves: The judges don’t know your school, your year, your race, gender, professor, etc. If you’re team is to advance, you earned it.

7. The applications will make your current project stronger: Past faculty advisors have praised the Cup as aiding their teams consider critical aspects of design that can greatly enhance your project quality – and hence improved their students’ grades, their students’ ability to convey their abilities to potential employers, and help them be better engineers regardless of the competition

6. The semi-finals will make your current project stronger: Feedback from the Cornell Cup judges has been sited every year by students as remarkably valuable and one of the key reasons their project became the success that it is.

5. The finals are your place to shine: As a special event at NASA Kennedy Space Center, this is an amazing stage to show off what you can do. From the Cup “launchpad,” past students have gone on to win recognitions such as the 1st American team to win the James Dyson Award for Engineering & Design, being selected as America’s “30 under 30,”, 1 of NBC’s “Top 6 College Inventions” and more.  Plus, all finalists get funding from the Cup!

4. All applicants can get discounts and other incentives from sponsors: Check out our ever-growing list of sponsors and what they want to give to you on our website.

3. Access to renown educational guides: The Cornell Cup earned recognition from the White House in 2015 & 2016 thanks in part to the professional design / systems engineering educational guides that have also been highly praised by students in and out of the Cup competition.

2. Entry into other awards: Cup sponsors & partners, such as Autodesk and Hackaday, offer their own special prizes & opportunities for teams that compete in the Cup.

1. You just might win the Cornell Cup! and all the international recognition that comes with the title, plus the $10K prize!

Applications due October 22 – Start by registering your team today! If you have questions, check out the FAQ.