The Cornell Cup – Arm Enabled is Your Path to Success!
Arm TechCon 2020 | October 6-8 | San Jose Convention Center


Cornell Cup is back and on a BIGGER stage than ever!

The White House recognized embedded systems competition that has helped college students across the U.S. become:

  • 1 of NBC’s “Top 6 College Inventions Everyone Should be Aware Of”
  • 1 of America’s “30 Under 30”
  • The first American team to win the James Dyson Award for Engineering & Design
  • Winners of numerous entrepreneurial awards and more…

…is back! And this year, we’ll be inviting finalist teams to demonstrate their projects at Arm’s TechCon 2020 in San Jose, Calif.

Who’s Eligible?

Freshman to Master’s of Engineering students, including students graduating this year, are all eligible to apply—you only need a quick & exciting 5-minute max video showcasing your project featuring Arm technology in some way by mid-May 2020. All selected finalists will win:

  • Special media attention at the TechCon event
  • Financial support, free attendance, and a free expo hall booth at TechCon
  • Connections with Arm’s Innovation Hub, which has helped numerous prototype projects become a commercial success
  • Exposure for potential special job / internship interviews with TechCon attending companies
  • Eligibility for the Cup’s grand prize of $10,000

Video submitting teams may also be invited to special feedback sessions with industry experts prior to TechCon! Projects can be part of an existing class, a capstone effort, or even your own independent creation, and all IP remains with the teams. So, register today if you have a project that:

  • Helps address U.N. Sustainability Goals in just about any way
  • Would like to have a major global stage to tell the world about your accomplishments
  • Earn significant recognition and potentially new opportunities for you and your work

How Do I Register?

Take three minutes to register today on our mailing list to be kept in the loop about new updates, upcoming live Q&A sessions with Cup founder and Director of the Cornell Systems Engineering M.Eng. Program David R. Schneider, and more exciting news about Arm’s TechCon. Registering on the mailing list implies no obligation to submit an entry, so register & learn more today! We can’t wait to see what you will create!

Become a Sponsor

Our sponsors recognize that the Cornell Cup — Arm Enabled represents a unique opportunity to raise brand and product awareness to around 100,00 engineering students at the top 200 schools across North America.

Sponsorship allows students to engage with and adopt your technology—unique access to the top talent for future recruitment.  Sponsoring themes and creating awards offers the potential to work with talented students closely on R&D and innovation-based projects set by you.

There are flexible sponsorship options available to suit your requirements and depending on your budget.

Please contact us to learn more about becoming a sponsor.